Customer Experience in Telecoms

In our 2011 Global Customer Experience Management study we identified that Customer Experience is one of the key issues Telecoms are facing and according to this study they are putting a great deal of time and effort into improving this.

Following this research we have undertaken dedicated research into the Telecoms arena. In this research we discover the ‘Seven key ingredients’ for building a successful Customer Experience program that drive Customer Retention a Customer loyal in telecoms. These are:

Seven Key Ingredients for a successful Customer Experience programme in telecoms

  1. Effective prioritising of your Customer Experience initiatives
  2. Best Practice Customer Experience governance
  3. Overcoming organisational siloes
  4. Building a business case for Customer Experience initiatives
  5. Defining the Experience you are trying to deliver and build an effective strategy
  6. Embracing emotions as a competitive differentiator
  7. Best practice in journey mapping

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The following is a recording on the webinar we went through to explain the research.

Best Practices for Building a Market-Leading Customer Experience – Video

You already know you need a customer experience management program, but how do you justify it? And once you clear that hurdle, how do you implement it?

Subhra Das knows. As senior vice president, marketing and customer experience for du, the UAE’s premiere telecom company, he played a key role unseating the market leader and earning 42 percent market-share. It all happened within four years of the company’s launch, in the world’s most highly penetrated mobile market. Please listen to this webinar to discover how Du have achieved these outstanding results.

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