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Colin Shaw – Beyond Philosophy’s Founder & CEO

Colin has been recognised as one of the world’s top 150 business influencers, is a regularly blogger, and has been featured as an expert on NPR, CNN, BBC TVSky News, BBC Radio, and countless other publications. What’s more, he is a powerful and entertaining key note speaker who uses practical day to day examples to explain the concepts of Customer Experience.

He will help your audience understand how an organization can improve their Customer Experience and become more customer centric. Colin prides himself and interactive style, his down to earth manner. Colin engages his audience with humour and practical examples and even phones companies live from stage to prove his point!


Bio – Colin Shaw – Founder & CEO

Colin Shaw is without question a world leader in Customer Experience. Since 2002, Colin has helped shape the whole industry with his four bestselling books (link to books) and thought leading work.

Colin knows how the corporate world works. Prior to launching Beyond Philosophy, Colin held a number of senior executive positions in the corporate world leading over 3,500 employees worldwide.

Under Colin’s leadership, Beyond Philosophy has undertaken many Customer Experience initiatives with some of the world’s biggest companies, including American Express, FedEx, Maersk Line, Aflac, Aviva, T-Mobile and IBM. In the case of Maersk Line, Beyond Philosophy helped Maersk Line, increase their Net Promoter score by 40 points in 30 months. Colin has also advised Governments. He has been a visitor to the Cabinet Office in No.10 Downing Street on a number of occasions.


Colin is a true expert in the field of Customer Experience Management. His client-side experience combined with his thought leadership in the area of measurement of emotions lend him and his firm very unique capabilities. He is also one of the best public speakers I know!

Stephan Sigaud, President, Harris Interactive Loyalty, Harris Interactive 

Colin is an excellent speaker and a great author, always providing real life examples. Working with his colleagues at Beyond Philosophy, they have been able to establish a framework with good analytical foundations into providing superb insight to the emotions of Customers. As Customer Experience becomes more important to the future of business profitability through greater Customer loyalty, if you ignore to use the knowledge that he wishes to pass on to you then you are in the wrong job!

Paul Hopkins Group Director of Customer Experience, Thomas Cook

Colin and his team at Beyond Philosophy are true thought leaders and innovators in the Customer Experience space. True to their name, his organization pushes thinking beyond the academic into practical. His experience allows him to foresee barriers and propose realistic solutions to drive organization transformation. He is equally comfortable and effective in understanding and influencing the C-suite and as he is with front-line employees. If you want to understand how to improve the experience your organization is delivering to your customers, you’ll want to talk with Colin.

John Lanphear, Experienced Customer Strategy Leader, Merck

A sought-after key note speaker Colin’s interactive presentation style uses thought-provoking questions, humor and real-life anecdotes to engage, entertain and inform his audience. Audaciously Colin calls organizations live from stage to make a point. Colin is a member of the National Speakers Association, and has presented at countless key note speeches.

Speaking Topics

  • Building Great Customer Experience
  • Building a Customer centric organxiation
  • Customer are Irrational don’t fight it embrace it!
  • Seven key strategic questions critical to improving your Customer Experience
  • Customer Experience: Future trends and insights
  • The power of the subconscious experience
  • How emotions drive loyalty

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