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What are the Seven Key Strategic Questions Critical to Improving Your Customer Experience Strategy?

1. What customer experience do you want to deliver?

In most organizations when asked this question, everyone has an opinion but nobody agrees on what it is. This can cause overlaps, gaps, lost opportunities and additional costs. Unfortunately, this also means that most customer experiences are accidental. Customer experiences – both good and bad – frequently occur because a company makes decisions without considering the consequences. A Customer Experience Statement (CES) identifies the ideal experience you want to offer your customers.  A CES puts the ideal customer experience into words, defines your business value, and differentiates you from your competitors.

2. What are the emotions you are trying to evoke?

Customers are people and people are driven by emotions. Emotions are the bedrock of existence. More than half of a typical customer experience is rooted in emotion, yet most organizations miss this fact, allowing for half of their experience to be left to chance.

3. What drives and destroys value for your organization?

Every organization has an Emotional Signature®, which defines emotional engagement your organization is creating with your customers. This signature either drives or destroys customer retention, deepens or damages customer loyalty, increases or decreases their spending, and/or boosts or sabotages their Net Promoter Score. Our research helps us weigh which parts of the customer experience drive or destroy the most value for your organization. The Emotional Signature® technique determines the most efficient way to allocate resources to achieve your desired effect.

4. What do customers really want?

What some customers say they want can be vastly different from what they really want. Other customers don’t even know what they want. To understand what your customers really want, you must get into the head of the customer with programs like our Customer Mirrors service. Most customer desires reside below the surface of conscious experience. The subconscious mind is the key that unlocks the real drivers of value to the customer. Once you discover these values, you will be able to determine where is the best place to focus your efforts and resources.

5. How customer-centric is your organization?

Customer experience is a manifestation of your organization’s business philosophy. If your company is customer-centric, then you will offer an interactive customer experience. If your company is product-centric, then you will offer a functional customer experience. An Organizational Assessment will help you see what kind of organization you are.  In our Naïve to Natural Model, we help you define how customer centric you are now and how customer centric you want to become. Changing the customer experience means reorienting your company’s business strategy in a way that translates to customer loyalty and retention gains.

6. What is your subconscious experience?

Every organization needs to know the unintentional signals you send to your customers throughout their experience. The subconscious experience is one of three parts of every customer experience. It incorporates all the elements of the customer experience that are seen, felt, heard and processed by your subconscious mind. We have undertaken a great deal of research that keeps us at the cutting edge of understanding this subject. This research led us to the realization that the subconscious experience is every bit as important as the rational experience and the emotional experience.

7. Is your customer experience deliberate?

Most experiences “just happen.” They are a consequence of many different decisions the organization has made without understanding the impact or implications to the customer. Your experience should be deliberate. Experience design is where your Customer Experience strategy meets the action of your customer experience. We call our approach to experience design Moment Mapping, which vividly reconstructs your customer experience offering, defines problem areas in your current experience, and replaces them with improved touch points that improve the overall experience.

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