Patient Experience for Health Providers

What is Patient Experience?

Patient satisfaction is the result of the experience patients have when dealing with a health provider.

The patient experience is a result of the interaction between an organization and a patient as perceived through the patients’ conscious and subconscious mind. It is a blend of an organization’s rational performance, the senses stimulated and emotions evoked and intuitively measured against patient expectations across all moments of contact.

There are three key points here. Patient experience is about:

  1. The whole organisation delivering, (not just front line staff or individual people, back office and management too)
  2. The rational as well as the emotional experience (not just about what you do but also how you do it) and
  3. Dealing with the intuitive perceptions (i.e, gut feelings) of patients (reality is in your patients’ mind)

To achieve top percentile patient satisfaction, you will need to recognize, assess and control each of these 3 elements.

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How to improve your patient and healthcare experience

Patient experience excellence has brought Memorial Hermann Hospital System in Texas, US, astonishing rewards:

  • 5% increase of market share within the first 2 years
  • Profit where loss was predicted
  • Patient satisfaction scores jump by 20% on average across the board within a year
  • Operational efficiency
  • National recognitions such as the Press Ganey Success Story Award, 2011;Gold Circle Award for Operations, 2011; President’s Cup for Best Performance Overall, 2011 and NAATP Quality Improvement Award, 2011 to name a few.
  • But while many organisations understand the concept of patient experience, recognise its elements and genuinely feel the urge to commit and work on it, few succeed in translating the desire and intention into action and practice.

Beyond Philosophy has developed a pragmatic, relatively quick and minimal resource requirement method of achieving patient experience excellence summarized in 3 steps:

Assess and understand – mirror the experience, identify key drivers of patient satisfaction and quantify the return touch points have on your business value

  • Do you know what is the emotional experience you give out to patients?
  • What is your full patient journey?
  • Do you know what the subtle clues are that shape you’re patients’ assessment?

Define your intention and patient experience vision – identify, articulate and visualize the ideal patient experience

  • What makes you better from the next hospital?
  • Do your employees agree?
  • Is it applicable to all of them?

Build a culture around your vision – build capacity, help staff learn how to translate insights and intention into action

  • How do you turn patient experience excellence from a project and task to “business as usual”?
  • How do you make people (staff) the source of excellence?
  • How do you achieve all that starting with 2-3 people only?

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