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Employee Engagement

We have a saying here at Beyond Philosophy, “Happy employees make happy customers.” Of course, what we are saying here is that when your employees are engaged with your brand promise and your method for delivering it then you are far more likely to have a successful customer experience. Employee engagement is critical to your customer experience design’s success.

We have a method for gauging your current employee engagement levels. Like the Emotional Signature research we do with customers, we can do a similar survey of your employees but with questions that concern the aspects of the employee experience. These responses will tell us what the current level of your employees’ emotional engagement is and what the key drivers for that engagement are.

In addition to an organizational assessment, Beyond Philosophy offers the Employee Engagement Workshop called, “Linking Employee Engagement and Customer Experiences to Employee Ambassadorship”. This workshop covers important concepts on how to facilitate a culture of Employee Engagement that will translate into better customer experiences. Attendees will learn how to:

  • Build the enterprise culture to focus on customer-centricity
  • Understand the customer life cycle and how employees influence it
  • Ensure that employees understand what is important to customers
  • Align employee behavior around positive customer experiences and customer loyalty
  • Implement processes, training, technology, reward/recognition, and organizational/cultural practices that both support employees and optimize customer experiences
  • And much more!

Our Employee Engagement workshop is designed to help you build rational and emotional bonds with your employees just as you do with your customers. This program will help you motivate and inspire your employees to commit to your organization’s goals and value proposition in the marketplace. We give you the tools to help your employees deliver the customer experience you want to your customers.

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