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Customer Experience Future Trends & Insights


We are living in historic times. Competition is becoming increasingly fierce and customers are much more demanding. To stay ahead of the competition it is imperative to understand the emerging trends that can help you improve your customer experience.

Following many hours of research, discussions on innovation with indsutry analysts and stimulating debates with forward-thinking clients, Beyond Philosophy, the world thought leaders in customer experience, reveal three major trends in the customer experience.

The DNA of Customer Experience


Show me the money! This is the frantic cry of the “old guard” of senior executives as they desperately struggle to deal with commoditizing markets, the loss of their differentiator and the inevitable impact on profitability.

At the same time the new breed of enlightened, customer-focused executives smile, knowing the answer is simple; focus on the customer not the organization, provide customers with an emotionally engaging experience and the rest will take care of itself. They understand that the customer experience is the next competitive battleground and that emotions account for over 50% of an experience.

Revolutionize Your Customer Experience



Revolutionize Your Customer Experience confirms Colin Shaw’s reputation as ‘Guru of the Customer Experience.’ In this though-leading successor to his global best seller Building Great Customer Experiences, Colin is proud to reveal the revolutionary Naïve to Natural™.

Through extensive research over the last seven years, Colin and his team at Beyond Philosophy have discovered four distinct ways a company is internally focused, or not, around its customers. These are the stages of evolution that an organization goes through in delivering its customer experience: Naïve – Transactional – Enlightened – Natural. This groundbreaking tool enables organizations to analyze their internal customer experience capability and assess the degree to which this can be leveraged to deliver a captivating experience.

Building Great Customer Experiences


In Building Great Customer Experiences, Colin Shaw and John Ivens unveil their critically-acclaimed Seven Philosophies for Building Great Customer Experiences. These are the backbone of the framework being used by forward-thinking organizations – those who are busy laying the foundations for the long-term sustainable differentiation that the customer experience offers. Colin and John also reveal thought-leading market research and case studies that demonstrate the power of focusing on building a great customer experience.

In this book you will discover:

  • Why 95% of senior business leaders are saying the customer experience is the next competitive battleground.
  • How the customer experience can be used as a competitive weapon, as well as a means of reducing costs.
  • How to unlease the power of emotions during a customer experience to create customer loyalty.