Darren Cornish Interviewed by Colin Shaw

In this nine-part video series, Darren Cornish, Director of Customer Experience for Aviva, is interviewed by Colin Shaw about how how to start a company-wide initiative to improve customer experience.

Aviva is one of Britain’s largest insurance providers. In this ten-part video series, Darren Cornish, DIrector of Customer Experience, discusses how he started a a company-wide initiative to improve customer experience that started with engaging the senior team.

The series below consists of these 9 videos.

 Aviva Case Study          

Clip #1: How to Start a Initiative to Improve Your Customer ExperienceClip #2: How Do You Get the Senior Executives to Engage With Improving the Customer Experience?
Clip #3: Showing the Financial Return on Improving Your Customer ExperienceClip #4: Flooding an Apartment to Show the Real Customer Experience
Clip #5: What did you Learn From Flooding the Apartment?Clip #6: Writing an Internal Blog to Engage Employees
Clip #7: How to Differentiate Yourself by Providing an Emotionally Engaging Customer ExperienceClip #8: What I Have Learned Are the Key Factors for Running a Successful Customer Experience Initiative
Clip #9: Working With One of the Pioneers of Customer Experience